About 247 English

As a member of the EUC International English Language Centre - Cambridge English VN503 Examination System, 247tienganh provides training programs suitable to the needs of learning international standard English and Cambridge English exams for various learners.

Teachers and experts at 247tienganh


  •  Equip young learners with a solid start with English courses suitable for Primary and early Secondary School students;
  •  With learning through playing methods, learners are able to form stable English skills and show self-confidence in Young Learners Cambridge English Exams, namely Starters, Movers and Flyers.

  • Communication within Your reach - English Communication Program from basic levels helps learners build and develop their English skills through practice.
  • Cambridge English Exam Preparation Courses from Starters (Pre-A1), Movers (A1), Flyers (A2), KET (A2), PET (B1) to FCE (B2) on 247tienganh help prepare learners for the exams right at their home with continuously updated materials, rich practice exercises and the opportunity to experience international standardized practice tests.
  •  English for teachers - 247tienganh is also the official distributor of training courses from Cambridge University (UK) for teachers or lecturers who need to use English as a teaching and presentation tool.

Mr. Tim Banks, Global Director of Teacher Training of Cambridge, worked with Hue Department of Education and Training and 247tienganh - distributor of Cambridge University's Teacher Training courses in Vietnam.

Here are the reasons:

  • Vivid, easy-to-understand lessons with frequently updated and rich content;
  • Diverse practical exercises, flexible and easy operations;
  • Standardized English pronunciation system is implemented by a team of native English, American, Australian teachers;
  • Detailed instructions on Cambridge International English test types with updated exam preparation materials and practice tests;
  • Opportunity to practice with foreign teachers and good Vietnamese teachers when registering for a course package that includes "face-to-face" lessons (meeting and studying directly with the teachers);
  • Learners can register for Cambridge International English Exams right at 247tienganh.

247tienganh is a provider of Cambridge English training and exam preparation courses

CONTACT AND REGISTER 247tienganh Office in Hue

  •  Viettel Building, 7th Floor, 11 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hue City Tel: (0234) 393 8970

  • 82 Dinh Tien Hoang – Hue City Tel: (0234) 3520783

How to start studying at 247tienganh?
  • Step 1: Register as a member on 247tienganh.com
  • Step 2: Buy an account and activate the course
  • Step 3: Start the course and practice withteachers at the announced time (if choosing thepackage with Face-to-face learning modules).