5 ways to learn English when using Facebook

Learning English can be fun when you take advantage of the social network Facebook offers.

Here are 5 simple ways for you to both entertain and absorb English through social networking sites that are used by nearly 2 billion people around the world.

1. Convert language settings - Learn English via Facebook

Switching language settings from Vietnamese to English is the first thing you should do. Create your own environment with English to get acquainted. Familiar quotes like You like this, someone sent you a message, someone shared a photo, someone changing her / his profile picture is easy to memorize and use, so you can learn new words and phrases basic structure in English.

Learn English via Facebook

2. "Like" pages related to English - Learn English via Facebook

"Like" the fanpage to learn English on Facebook to be able to easily follow the new status and update new activities on your message board. Pages you can search for such as dictionaries, language pages, pages of English centers ... These pages will provide many useful articles, sometimes with interesting video tutorials.

3. Join a group or create a group - Learn English via Facebook

There are many English learning groups created on Facebook, you can ask to join these groups, where people will share lessons, materials, methods of learning English.

You can rest assured that the sharing of the members is honest and worthy of reference. In addition, you can also join foreign language learning groups with friends who are foreign friends, in this way you can connect with many hobbyists and improve your language skills.

If you can't find a suitable group, you can still create your own group and invite friends to join.

4. "Add Friend" with foreign friends

Learn English via Facebook

It is quite difficult to make friends with people you do not know, and who are friends from another country. Don't make friends without selecting. You can make friends with foreigners who are English teachers because they will always be available to help you with your studies.

5. Update "Status"

Post comments and status updates in English, write your own words in other languages. If any word does not understand, you can look up the dictionary or ask a friend to correct the vocabulary and structure. This will be how you can practice your English learning as a small daily exercise.

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