The secret to effective English communication at high speed

Sometimes, because of the pressure in life, the work that they need to learn English communicates quickly to become proficient. However, there is no rushing journey, lack of preparation will yield the desired results but definitely need careful preparation. Join her to learn the secret to learning English for quick communication effectively!

A solid platform to learn English fast communication

This is the first step you need to take. Just like in construction, if you want to build a high house, the foundation must be strong and durable. Any success requires a guaranteed launch pad. And so is English. Wanting to conquer foreign languages ​​with immense new words, grammar, accents need more solid foundation than ever.

Really take the time to check your level to see what level it is, and how to weaken your weaknesses through level tests. This will help me to know how to allocate English language lessons in an appropriate manner, spend more time improving and adding weak skills. But don't forget to reinforce the skills you have mastered. There is an interesting thing when learning English is to train this skill and at the same time, improve other skills. For example, when listening, I will also learn pronunciation, communication experience, even vocabulary and reading

Determine goals for intensive English learning
After we understand our level, we will take a step that is equally important: Identify goals. What do you need to learn to do, improve and improve, what to learn for how long. You must clearly identify them, because this is the skeleton for my fast learning English, helping me shape the gradual filling of the missing areas in my English knowledge capital.

Next, it is very important to determine the appropriate method and to create a specific timetable for yourself. There are many methods, but the reality is that, not all methods are suitable for everyone, they also bring about the expected results!

It is best to choose a method that not only brings useful and effective knowledge, but also gives you a feeling of love and interest in learning English. She noticed and observed, you took a lot of courses at the center, but ended up "leaving" and returning to the original starting point. It is because they themselves have no motivation, no interest in learning English. And after not coming to class, no one reminds them to study and study, they also ignore the need to train it.

Practice has science
- With two listening and speaking skills:
Listen to many listening channels like VOA, BBC ... If your level is low, VOA is considered an extremely suitable online English learning channel, you can watch and read the subtitles on the side. below to immediately understand the inaudible words. If your level is quite good, then BBC is the perfect choice for you guys!

In addition, the important thing when learning to speak English is confidence. Many people are afraid to speak English because they are afraid of wrong or embarrassed because of their English ability. I understand, but you know, this will hinder you very much in learning English for quick communication. Some tips She suggested to me: Practice pronunciation through listening to tapes, listening to music and singing and following, paying attention to learning how to tail, raise your voice and get down to your voice when speaking.

Practice 2 listening and writing
These are the two most difficult skills to practice, but we can practice with the following tips:

Read newspapers, watch news in English. This helps me improve my vocabulary as well as understanding international issues. Newspapers, news are always updated every day, ensuring that everything you collect every day is new. Moreover, sometimes words, reading in books are "outdated", newspapers, newsletters will help me update new words, new reading ...

Write, summarize and state your views / comments about the information you have read and heard. This has three effects: reviewing new words while reading, helping only in English and especially helping to improve critical writing ability.

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