3 tips to choose English teachers to help you improve quickly

Because "teacher is good" - pronunciation, intonation, grammar and cultural capital, your English behavior will affect directly from teachers. Choosing the right English teacher, you will progress faster.

Knowing how to choose a teacher, you will easily conquer English.

Here are 3 points you should consider when choosing your English teacher.

Choose English teachers experience and qualifications of foreign teachers

choose english teacher

Practicing English with native teachers can help you approach English naturally and vividly. But to learn effectively and correctly, the "test" of teachers' experience also helps you avoid the case with a teacher who does not have an international English teaching certificate, has no experience and lacks skills. committed. Capital problems are quite common in Vietnam.

The benefit of studying with an experienced and qualified teacher is that besides being able to acquire knowledge in a scientific and solid way, you will also receive emotional support when learning English. Experienced teachers will have teaching methods to encourage you when you want to give up or "push" when you are slow to achieve your learning goals. Because besides the method of learning, psychology is also a barrier that makes it difficult for you to progress when learning English.

You can easily check teacher information through the center you study, or you can easily search their profiles on social networking sites for work like Linked or Twitter.

What qualifications are native English teachers required to achieve international teaching standards?
In the world, it is clear that teachers who have enough pedagogical certificates can meet the standard of teaching foreign languages. Two popular standards for English teachers are TESOL or CELTA.

An application English class at Wall Street English.

TESOL (Teaching of Speakers of Other Languages) is a certificate for teaching English to other speakers, recognized in over 80 countries and over 1,000 schools and language centers around the world.

And CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a certificate of teaching English for adults, issued by Cambridge University. CELTA is recognized worldwide.

When choosing an international standard teacher, you should consider this factor, to make sure you choose the right face to send gold.

Should you only learn English with native English teachers?

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If you are able to listen and communicate in basic English, learning with a native teacher will help you improve quickly.

But if learners start, learning right away with native teachers will cause psychological pressure and difficult progress. If you don't understand what the teacher says, it will be difficult for you to acquire knowledge. And you will feel pressured, afraid of English, and even discouraged and want to give up. Therefore, learning more with Vietnamese teachers / tutors will be a stepping stone for you to form a habit of listening in English, helping you be more confident and comfortable studying with a native teacher.

Class self-study on the machine, with the guidance of Vietnamese tutors.

Whether studying with any teacher, in the process of learning, try to use English 100% in the classroom, learn interactive English materials with videos or games to stimulate listening and speaking skills in English