Learning foreign languages helps children have better memory

Learning foreign languages ​​helps children significantly improve their brain, improve cognitive ability, help children have better memory while improving skills in handling situations.

Learning foreign languages ​​helps children develop more comprehensively
There are many people in the world who use many different languages. There are even people who can speak and speak many languages. The fact shows that language learning has significantly improved the brain, improving cognitive abilities and handling situations.

English learning helps children grow better

Trying to speak two languages, translating from one language to another makes the brain "exercise" and increases cognitive flexibility and helps children have better memory. In addition, it helps children to be more skillful and flexible in solving problems.

Studies show the benefits of learning a foreign language for the brain. Researchers in the United States think that in adults learning foreign languages ​​from a young age there is a better «cognitive flexibility». According to a study published in Experimental Child Psychology, children who learn a foreign language often have more attention and awareness.

Researchers from Concordia-Canada University evaluated the vocabulary of 39 bilingual children and 43 single-language learners at 24 months and 31 months. And researchers have also given children different tasks to analyze, assess the level of flexibility in cognition and memory ability.

English learning helps children grow better

First, researchers noted that bilingual children have a richer vocabulary than children who only learn one language. Then they also noted a significant difference between the two groups about the work that the guide was contradictory (they asked the participating children to reach small balls into small and big baskets into large baskets. They change the instructions (small balls put into big baskets, put in small baskets.) In children with two foreign languages, there is greater flexibility in awareness and better ability to pay attention.

Young bilingual children often have a dual-language rotation in the brain, deciding what language to speak effectively in each case.

So don't hesitate to learn a language by learning a language like you are opening a new world for yourself!

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