To learn English excitedly and effectively

Education & Training - Reality shows that in English, English accounts for over 90% of learners' choices in Vietnam. Therefore, English for high school students is always interested. According to the Government's National Foreign Language Project 2020, the goal is that by 2020, "the majority of Vietnamese young people graduated from Intermediate, College and University with sufficient foreign language ability to use independently and confidently in communication. , studying, working in an integrated environment, ... ”.

Engage language thinking with English-English-Vietnamese dictionary
A big challenge for improving the quality of teaching and learning foreign languages ​​for high school students is their unequal level, most of them do not have the ability to read and study subjects such as Math and Science in English.

However, since the implementation of the National Foreign Language Project 2020, foreign language teaching and learning in the national education system has had many positive changes.

One factor contributing to efficiency is mobilizing social resources in implementing the project. In particular, the resources to help students self-study to improve English competency play an important role, deciding the success of students' learning.

In learning English, to learn the vocabulary, the requirements of learners have to practice a lot and the dictionary is an indispensable document. A good dictionary, integrating many functions will help learners to enjoy, develop language thinking, and learn more effectively.

Many language experts believe that it is best to use English - English - Vietnamese Dictionary because it helps learners practice reading and forming language thinking in English ...

When definitions and examples are written in English, learners will understand how to use the most appropriate word. When you encounter words that do not have the corresponding Vietnamese word, the reader will read the definition in English more accurately.

Currently, the Internet is popular, students can access many different sources of dictionaries, but not all resources are necessary for the subject, even if the source is outdated, sketchy and misleading. Besides, the bilingual book market is also very rich, but students must choose the right level, right level, for their study.

Dr. Tran Thi Huyen (lecturer of IUH School) acknowledged: Most of us often use English - Vietnamese dictionary because it does not take much time to read and interpret the meaning of the vocabulary, but this way is very easy to mistake and easy forget.

In self-study, learners should use English - English - Vietnamese dictionary, to not only know the meaning of the word or phrase search through the explanation in English, but also know how to use vocabulary That is so accurate, learn how to transcribe, pronounce, and also develop and develop thinking in English ...

“When using English - English - Vietnamese dictionary, we are exposed to English frequently, that vocabulary is used in illustrative sentences, helping learners to remember the correct meaning and correct use in learning. "Said, Ms. Huyen.

Using a dictionary with many features integrated - self-learning English excited
Before the situation of reading comprehension of most students is still limited, teachers often recommend that students use a dictionary with illustrations with explanations of definitions, concepts, and words or phrases words to help use words more accurately.

Recently, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education Publishing House has published the English - Vietnamese - English Dictionary for Macmillan for high school students (Macmillan School Dictionary), which is considered a completely new source of materials for students studying pine subjects. through intermediate language is English.

The information in the dictionary is up to date, research is perfectly suited to the needs of people who are learning different subjects in the curriculum and preparing for exams.

Self-learning English excited

The uniqueness of the Macmillan School Dictionary is a collection of curriculum that is used as a language, a 20 million word database, contains hundreds of textbooks and is consulted by experienced teachers. , textbook authors, curriculum designers, educators.

Besides, keeping the original meaning of English (English - English) explanation helps learners to understand more fully, avoid having to translate, easily make mistakes and lack information from the original.

Self-learning English excited

English teacher Nguyen Thi Kieu Lan (Nguyen Hoang Education Group) said that the English - English - Vietnamese Dictionary for Macmillan students for high school students makes her feel really comfortable when using.

The book is designed with art, expressing the word clearly, especially with more clear illustrations, both soft colors and a pleasant and attractive feeling.

Self-learning English excited
Many students who are studying bilingual programs at general education institutions by Nguyen Hoang and both freshmen of Hong Bang International University bought and used them, they shared that this is a very good dictionary. For use in many subjects, there is also a capital extension from the new update. Lan affirmed that this is a very suitable document not only for students