The age of “golden” for children to learn a foreign language

According to a recent study, children aged 3 - 4 years old are able to be willing to learn a foreign language. This study also shows that, if children have access to English from the early years of life, they will become more confident and use English more fluently as adults.
Why should children learn foreign languages ​​early?
“When I learned for a while, my English-speaking and Vietnamese-speaking baby's house kept going up. However, after a short period of time, the child knows when to speak English and when to speak Vietnamese. After a year of getting used to English, she was able to speak basic communication and she spoke very naturally. I see that for children to learn English right from the young age, the ability of the baby to learn more is better, ”Yen added.

Discussing this issue, Mr. Gregory Donohue, English teacher at Bilingual Kindy Town School (District 1) said that, for adults, the first language will be in the right hemisphere, when learning The second language will enter the left hemisphere so the acquisition of the second language of adults will be influenced by the right hemisphere.

As for children in the period of 2 -7 years of age, through hemispheres, the developed brain synchronously does not divide the right or left brain. Maybe, during this period when getting familiar with the new language, it is easy to confuse English with Vietnamese. However, in the long run it is a good development.

“Babies aged between 2 and 7 years are brain development, in their brains, they have a lot of knowledge but adults don't know it. Children learn knowledge and skills through their surroundings by observing and following the images they have seen. Language development at this stage will determine the success of the baby in the future, ”said Gregory Donohue.

Choose a suitable place to study - Children learn a foreign language
Not only wondering how to let children learn foreign languages ​​at any age, many parents are also very confused about how to choose the learning method, language center for their children to study, because at present the language centers for children grow like "mushrooms after rain".

“I think it is best to choose centers with native teachers. Because the pronunciation of young children will affect their later pronunciation. If you are pronounced correctly when you are a child, even if you do not study regularly until you are big, you don't remember the words, but you still have a standard pronunciation when you read them again.

According to the English teachers, in order for children to achieve good results when acquiring a foreign language, it is important to build a child's passion for learning the foreign language and at the same time create conditions for children to be in contact with. a standard language program, with direct teaching from native teachers so that they become more confident and bold.

Also according to English teachers, in addition to giving children to school, parents should also let children listen to music, read stories, watch cartoons in English .... This method will increase children's hearing and vocabulary is also very rich.

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