Photo Contest "Beloved Teacher"

Welcome to Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20, EUC International English Center organizes the "Beloved Teacher" photo contest for all students and students in Hue city and students studying at the Center. . The competition aims to create a playground for students and students who love English to have more opportunities to use English, promote creativity and talent and send deep gratitude to respectable teachers .

The photo contest "Beloved Teacher" is a place for you to express your affection, express gratitude, spiritual spirit to the teachers who contribute greatly to the "growing people" and at the same time. is an opportunity for you to receive English scholarships to cultivate extremely attractive and valuable talents from the International English Language Center (EUC). In particular, the contestants will receive a 10% discount for tuition fees for EUC English courses in International English.

See the rules of the contest below and join now to receive attractive gifts from EUC Cambridge English - the only Cambridge English Test Unit in Hue and the Central Region.



- All students and students in Hue city and students currently studying at the International English Center EUC


- Candidates participating in the program send 01 photo or painting with sharing lines to feel the images and memories with your own teachers at school or center (EUC, ...) where you have , studying etc ...

- Write a comment for a picture of 50-100 words in English

*** Note: For paintings, you must write the full name, school and class below the right corner of the picture


Organization time: November 2 - November 20, 2016
- Time to receive: November 2 - November 18, 2016

- Time to vote: November 2 - November 18, 2016

- Time for announcing results and awarding ceremony November 20, 2016

How to join:
- Step 1: send the exam article in 2 ways

Method 1:

Candidates send photos and feel through the message fanpage EUC:

Subject: Name of the contestant - the title of the entry

Method 2:

Candidates upload photos of the contest and feel about the picture (50-100 words in English) on personal facebook and the following contents

+ Check-in Fanpage "EUC - Cambridge International English Center System"

+ Set Hashtag: #EUCCambridgeEnglish #BelovedTeacher #Trianthayco

*** Note: Candidates participating in the contest by way of 2 please send information (name, school name, address, phone number, email) via the Fanpage inbox of the EUC

All entries will be posted and voted on Fanpage EUC

- Step 2: Access Fanpage EUC to view your article here (update at least 2 hours after you post to the center, in office hours).

- Step 3: Like Fanpage, articles and share for everyone to increase the amount of interaction with your entry at Fanpage

*** Note: Award-winning works must have at least 50 likes


The process of judging
After 21:00 on November 18, 2016, BTC will select 3 you have the most votes

(1 likes = 1 point, 1 share = 5 points, 1 comment "I voted" = 3 points)

*** November 20, 2016: EUC will announce the contest results on Fanpage and proceed to award prizes

Prize structure
First prize: 01 English Scholarship worth VND 5,000,000, DVD for synthesizing English learning materials

Second prize: 01 English study scholarship worth VND 3,000,000, DVD for synthesizing English learning materials

Third prize: 01 English study scholarship worth VND 2,000,000, DVD for synthesizing English learning materials

*** In particular, all candidates who participate in the article will receive a voucher of 10% discount of the courses at the center (not accumulated with promotions at the center and voucher will be sent via email). for candidates)


- Each individual is only allowed to submit 1 entry

- Entries must be new works; may not be reproduced in any form

- Submissions are articles that have not been published in any mass media. Contestants must be responsible for the truthfulness of the work

- Content shows the purpose and meaning of the competition

- Language used: English

- BTC has the right to use the entry for communication purposes

- BTC prohibits the use of forms of hacking, using fake Facebook. Violations will be removed from the competition

- In case of problems, the decision of the BTC is the final decision

EUC Cambridge English hopes to receive the enthusiastic participation of students and students. "Beloved Teacher" is also the place to keep and honor the most thanks and best wishes to the teachers in particular, Vietnamese teachers in general on the occasion of coming November 20.



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