6 important tips for learners to improve English

1. Learn everyday: Remember: Practice makes perfect.
- Learn every day: Remember that practice helps us to be more perfect.
2. Be motivated: You are learning because you want to achieve something.
- There is motivation: You learn because you want to achieve something.

3. Record new vocabulary: Write down in a notebook or hãy ghi vào các bạn không thể thực hiện trên.
- Save new vocabulary: Write down in a laptop or note in your mobile phone that you can always carry.
4. Read, read & read: Notice new grammar patterns and important vocabulary. Bạn thêm đọc, tiến trình quicker bạn.
- Reading, reading and reading: Note important grammar and vocabulary patterns. The more you read, the faster you will progress.
5. Be brave: Don't worry about small mistakes! No-one minds!
- Brave: Don't worry or be afraid when you get a little error. No one is afraid.
6. Use technology: Watch videos in your target language. Do online tests checking your levels.
- Using information technology: Watch movies in the language you are learning, and regularly do online tests to test your proficiency.

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