ACADEMIC VOCABULARY IN USE - Out of fear of Academic vocabulary !!!

Academic Vocabulary In Use is an indispensable book in your bookcase if you are looking to improve your Academic English skills, review for IELTS or exams. Advanced English like Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE.

Academic English (Academic English) is English to use the learning and research environment, especially after high school like university and graduate school with a high standard and grammar vocabulary system. Formal shades. Unlike normal communication English, academic English requires learners to use language more accurately and fluently, in accordance with each type of style such as essays, thematic reports, research papers. scientific rescue ...

Developing academic vocabulary is extremely important for students who want to use English successfully in an academic environment. With that orientation, the Academic Vocabulary In Use of Cambridge Publishing is designed for intermediate and higher level learners, especially candidates who are preparing for IELTS or advanced international English exams such as FCE ( B2), CAE (C1), CPE (C2) or university English exams.

With a well-synthesized material from syllabuses, lectures, seminar reports, articles, scientific studies, the Academic Vocabulary In Use provides learners with learning materials and convenient practice with specialties. the following points:

- 50 concise lessons, with clear explanations and rich practice exercises.

- Provide new words and phrases in real contexts including excerpts from lectures, introductions, essays, data tables and charts.

- Provide readings so that learners can practice more important vocabulary.

- Answers are presented in full, easy to understand along with the transcription of key words in the glossary to help learners practice pronunciation

- A handy reference with annotations about books using words in formal and informal situations, differences in English vocabulary and English, Irish and North American vocabulary and writing.

No worries about Academic vocabulary with Academic Vocabulary In Use! Good luck!

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