Series "Collins - English for Exams" is probably not too strange for IELTS in particular and English exams in general, in which "Writing for IELTS" is a book that is "hunted" by full lessons Information and tactics help learners prepare for the IELTS writing test best.

"Writing for IELTS" by Anneli Williams provides you with the knowledge you need to take the Academic Writing exam in the IELTS exam. The book is suitable for those who are new to IELTS or 6.0-6.5 IELTS who want to conquer a score of 7.0 or higher.

"Writing for IELTS" consists of 12 topics with many "tips" Writing IELTS and accompanying exercises. Each lesson is a common topic in the IELTS exam such as: Education (Education), Environment (Environment), Language and Communication (Language and Communication) ...

The structure of each lesson is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Introduce vocabulary related to the topic and a list of commonly used academic words.
Part 2: Presenting the steps to do a form of writing (both task 1 and task 2)
Part 3: Provide a real exam to practice your newly learned knowledge.
Lessons and exercises in "Writing for IELTS" focus on analyzing the characteristics and requirements of IELTS writing format, thereby providing many writing techniques and important hints for learners to apply well when participating in the term. exam.

Let's explore the book that has become the handbook of many Vietnamese and world IELTS candidates!

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