Academic Writing from paragraph to essay of Macmillan Publisher can be considered one of the most useful Academic Writing skills for learners of English with basic to advanced lessons to help build and develop essay writing skills, one of the top requirements of academic English.

The book provides learners with the techniques of Writing English from the scope of the text to the text with arranged chapters that present logic, lesson system and exercises in parallel with clear interpretations, easy to understand.

With Academic Writing form paragraph to essay, learners are familiarized with the introductory knowledge of Writing skills, the process of writing skills with the preparation, practice, editing and writing stages. The book equips the learners with the necessary techniques of academic writing, from the way of looking, the layout of the article, expressing the idea of ​​linking to creating a coherent, convincing circuit.

Each stage, each technique presented has a practical exercise and a sample that helps learners to grasp easily and have the opportunity to practice from simple to complex as well as learn from the experience. Good writing. In addition, Academic Writing from paragraph to essay also directs students to different types of articles with technical characteristics written clearly and concisely.

Practice every day with this helpful book so that the Academic English writing skill is no longer an obstacle for you in future English exams or essay-related skills.

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